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Made my first birthday cake!!!

As some of you already know, I’ve started my own little baking business. And before you ask me how has it been, let me tell you that it is great!! Perfect actually. Im not just saying that. I mean it. It is at that perfect pace where Im not stormed with orders and drowning (Yes ofcourse I’d like that.. but eventually) instead I get a few orders, I do them, Im happy, people are happy! Oh and that way I can address the boring bits like accounts which my boyfriend does handle.. from time to time.. when he isn’t too busy with his Black ops II or Borderlands etc, etc..

Now I have been baking and practicing since the tasting session so that I can get my flavours right, to see if I would like to eat my own cake (You are your own worst critic!) but mostly thats just been my excuse to get to eat what I want without having people give me the ‘you are going to get real fat’ look. I’ve also made cupcakes for a friend to take to his workplace during the breast cancer awareness week. They looked like these and are called The Strawberry Jam Filled Cupcakes:

Yes and they did taste as good as they looked… How do I know??

Answer: I always bake a little more than the order so that I know the product Im going to sell doesnt taste like shit. If it doesnt taste good, I whip up a brand new batch! In business terms it is called quality control and my terms it is called cravings control, well if thats what you’d like to call it. Speaking of craving, I just remembered, I made whoopie pies a few days ago and they did make me wanna go all whoopie!!! I had never had them before and had one of those serious sugar cravings like my life depended on it, yeah those ones and also it was my baby sisters birthday. So I found this pre mix (I know I know.. but I was just trying) and made some whoopie pies!

These chocolate whoopie pies with a creamy vanilla center almost disappeared even before the sun could set. And NO it wasn’t all me. I swear!!

I’ve also made some coco cups (just a fancy name for my ginger brûlée chocolate cups) for another friend and then came in the first birthday cake order.

A friend really loves the carrot cake I make and for her birthday, her boyfriend wanted to surprise her with the carrot cake. How cute!! So I made her this beautiful carrot and walnut cake with cream cheese icing. Needless to say that she loved it.. She also messaged me saying that she dreamt of the cake! Isn’t she a darling!!!

Thats my gorgeous friend who looks like she couldn’t wait to just dig into the cake!!

See I told ya!

Dont Laugh!!

Spread the Yummies!!! 🙂


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This entry was posted on November 21, 2012 by in Baking, Personal.
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