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Phew! It’s over… But only for the day

Recently I had a tasting session for my new side business related to baking. So in short, I make yummy cakes and desserts for your perfect party. The reason for the tasting session was to get loads of pictures which I could use in brochures, work out the costing, get the world out, get people to sample the ‘samples’ and comment on what they like or didn’t like. So far the general word out is ‘work on presentation skills, the flavours are good’ and I have scraped a couple of things off the menu, the faulty little ones.

Bebinca, Coco cups, Date rolls, Butter cookies, Macarons

Mini cheesecake with mixed berry topping

A tradional dish made with coconut milk and baked layer by layer for hours.

Rumballs dipped in melted chocolate, rolled in pistachio and cocoa powder

Macarons with chocolate ganache, pistachio cream and honey nut filling. I was trying to figure out how to make macarons so I didnt add any colour to these.

Chocolate cups with ginger brûlée toped with pistachio

So in all the tasting session did really help. And it was a success… Thanks to all of you who came. And thanks for the critically honest feedback. Really needed that!!

Now it was a friends cousins birthday that same day and as usual my friend hadn’t bought a present. I think the only really reason he remembered his cousins birthday was because of the party invite (which means more food) he got. So anyway I had a whole bar of my Seriously chocolate cake remaining and he needed a gift. So we signed the deal. And that’s how High Tea did its first cake to Christie!!

This is a serious chocolate cake for all chocolate lovers.

I loved every moment of the tasting session. The hardest part was waking up early, then baking till 3.00 am for three days straight. But on the day of the event I was super calm. My boyfriend was more worked up than me. But then again without his help I wouldn’t be able to do this on my own. Although he didn’t help me bake, but he did keep the space clean and wash up the measuring cups and the flour sifter and the whisk and the the bowl… I think he must have washed that bowl from my stand mixer about fifty times… And not to mention he did provide entertainment, made me laugh, stayed up with me even though he had work early next morning. So the success of High Tea’s first tasting session… I owe that to him. Me being super calm while everyone was judging my desserts, yea I owe that to him as well.

Signing out on that thankful note…. Oh wait, if you guys live in Sydney and want to order cakes or desserts please email me at with your contact details, the order details, and date of event and I will get back to you with a confirmation email and an invoice. And your order will be ready for pickup on the day of the event or whenever you want it!!

For more details check out my Facebook page for High Tea


One comment on “Phew! It’s over… But only for the day

  1. Drunkhen
    October 15, 2012

    Hurray to you. You did it. It was a success and it was delicious.

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