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Chicken Pancetta Rolls

I bought a steamer to make asian pork buns and well other things and thought, “Well lets see what else I could do with these.” So I made what I call Chicken Pancetta rolls. I scavenged (not really a good word) my fridge and found chicken breast and thigh fillets, pancetta, some spinach and some basil (yay!!) and made these super yummy rolls. Although I made very few as they were just an experiment but these guys were a seller and the boys totally loved it.



Ingredients: (makes 6 rolls)

3 chicken breasts or 6 chicken thigh fillets

pancetta – 6

1 1/2 cup spinach

a bunch of basil leaves

2 cloves of garlic finely chopped

1 cup finely chopped mushrooms.

olive oil – 1 1/2 tbsp


crushed pepper

moroccan spice mix (optional)

cling film to wrap



Wash and pat dry the chicken fillets. If you are using breast pieces, then cut them half so that they are thinner and easier to roll.

Rub a mix of salt and pepper. I had some moroccan spice mix in my pantry and wanted to try it out so i used about 1 tsp of this along with the salt and pepper and rubbed it on the chicken. Let the chicken stay for about 15-20 minutes.

Meanwhile, finely chop garlic, basil leaves and the mushrooms.

Place one of the chicken fillets on the cling film, place the pancetta slice on it, then spinach, mushrooms, garlic and basil and roll it and use the cling film to hold it in. Tie knots on the ends so that it doesn’t open up.

Do the same for the other fillets too.

Now you can either let it marinate in the fridge for another 2 hours or you could steam these right away. I had way too much time on my hands so I decided to let them marinate in the refrigerator for another 2 hours.

After 2 hours…

Heat some water in the steamer and infuse the water with some salt and pepper, some rosemary (totally optional-I found about 2 sprigs them so I added them in)

Place the chicken rolls and cover and let them cook in the steam for say about 25 minutes depending on how quickly your steamer cooks.

Once cooked, heat some oil in a pan. Take the cling film off the chicken rolls and toss them into the pan and let it fry just for about 2 minutes to add some colour to the rolls. When it has a light golden colour take them off and put them on some kitchen paper towels to soak the extra oil.

Cut the rolls in half or 3 parts and serve these yummies with some sweet chilli sauce. I served them with some spicy tomato soup with basil pesto.


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