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The customer is always right! – well mostly

I wanted to start my first restaurant review post and I just wanted to make it very general without any restaurant bashing or trying to portray how brilliant my taste buds are. Im just a regular customer who loves and enjoys food and wants value for her money and I don’t like being lied to.



In mid July one day, I was visiting my family as it was my mums birthday, so we decided to celebrate at this fancy fine dining restaurant (Im not going to name it) that had just opened about twenty minutes away from my parents home. The ambience was fabulous and very chic, the menu was even better. They served practically everything and by that I mean everything – continental, thai, italian blah blah… So I ordered one of my favourites Minestrone Soup which turned out to be plain tomato soup and while my dad was served some curry with a piece of bread and noodles as some sri lankan soup. So just the regular customer that I am, I didnt argue probably because I thought, “Hey guess what maybe Im wrong. These guys probably know.” Then came in the mains with some mushroom sauce that had some very deceased mushrooms in it. I ignored that as well. Then my little sister (the chocolate freak) ordered for some Chocolate soufflé and out comes chocolate mousse. I thought, “Probably they got the order wrong so let me just check up”. I called the manager and asked him. He said he’d check with the chef and then comes back to tell me, “Miss, I checked with the chef and I assure you this is chocolate soufflé”. Now at this point I was pissed. Its one thing to get it totally wrong and another to lie to me and then try to convince me that Im wrong. I tasted the ‘what looks like chocolate mousse’ chocolate soufflé and it was well chocolate mousse, you know the one with the nice fluffy texture. Soufflé on the other hand is what looks like a half baked cake. It looks like a piece of cake on the outside but has a beautiful rich gooey texture in the middle that oozes out when you bite into it.

I wanted to make chocolate mousse and soufflé so I could take it back to the restaurant and show them the difference but it was absolutely no point arguing because they would just deny it and I really didnt have the time or patience to argue with people who were just perfect examples of stupidity. So I let it go and by the time we got back home, we were all so sick and had an upset stomach the next day because of the mushrooms. That was the worst experience of my life. And turns out they arent the only ones who lie. A lot of really good restaurants with a good reputation lie unnecessarily. And Im not throwing darts at anyone. Its probably just one person who is at fault but the restaurant will lose valuable customers. This made me realize how difficult it must be to employee someone because your business, name and reputation totally depends on them. Anyway a pat on the back to those who do a good job and love what they do. Im certainly going to be really nice and leave a good tip if you do you job well.


Note: A certain thai place in Darling Harbour serves vanilla ice cream when you ask for coconut ice cream. Im definitely not going back there.


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This entry was posted on August 27, 2012 by in Restaurant Reviews.
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